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My name is Kristin Rhea. I’m a mom of three, and I live in Denton, Texas. I was introduced to EPX from SPAN. They installed my SPAN Panel and also my SPAN Drive. The guys at EPX really went the extra mile for me. When they came to look at my panel, they saw how disorganized everything was, so they helped me go through my house and figure out which breaker goes to each and every outlet, everywhere in my house, and label it, and then put it back together so it made sense. After going through Snowmageddon in 2021, and not having the ability to just heat up bottles for my babies, I realized how important it was to have a backup plan. SPAN offers that. 

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I can put things into buckets to have my essential items if we’re ever in a situation where we’re going through rolling blackouts, or we don’t have power coming from our utility company, I can take my power from the solar panels and make sure I have those essentials. A few weeks ago we had another little mini ice storm, and we couldn’t send the kids to school for a week, and ahead of the ice storm, my SPAN app actually sent me a notification to pay attention to the weather, and that’s a really nice thing about the the SPAN Panel is because I can set up a charging schedule. Another really kind of a fun thing about the app is it makes you feel good. It monitors how much solar I’m generating, and how much of that solar power is powering my home, and so it adds little tidbits of information like, how much coal I didn’t burn because I was generating my solar power. What is the equivalent in terms of, you know, how many acres of trees that I’ve saved. I would recommend EPX because they did such great work, and I know that they would do the same for my neighbor that they did for me.

Review for Electrical Panel Xperts

“If you’re looking at getting a SPAN Panel installed, do it. This is the number one thing that’s gonna help you reduce your carbon footprint. It’s gonna help you understand everything that’s going on in your home, down to the cell phone that you plug in at night.”


Kenneth Johnson | Dallas, Texas

Review for Electrical Panel Xperts

“I’m putting solar on my home… There’s certain things your house has to have… they help protect the equipment I was investing in… These guys surpassed my expectations. I’m a big fan!”


Brian Sebastian | Dallas, Texas

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We’re working hard to be the best electricians in Texas! Our goal is transparency in pricing, our safety guarantee, and our forward-thinking to always provide green energy options for your home or business. Electrification and SMART energy is the future. Let our team of expert electricians upgrade your home with electical options that will save you money and provide peace of mind. Read reviews below from our customers about their experience with the best electricians in Texas!

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The Installation is IMPECCABLE

100% Pro all the way. William (the owner) walked me through the virtual preplan and told me what to expect and had a few options for me to squeeze just a little extra performance out of my setup...

Really impressed!

William and team were awesome! We installed the SPAN panel and the newly released SPAN Drive, and they work like a charm. I never thought I would be so stoked to add these to the house, and the EPX team worked their tails off to complete the project. Really impressed...

Highly Recommend!

They did a great job! Very responsive and timely. Much more on top of their game than most contractors. Highly recommend them.

A++ Phenomenal Job

I recently hired William and the guys at Electrical Panel Xperts to install two new electrical panels, a home battery backup, and a home generator backup. These are all significant installs from both the difficulty standpoint and technical standpoint. In short, they...

Highly Recommend

William and his crew at Electrical Panel Experts installed a Span Panel at my home. I cannot say enough good things about the work they did; everything from planning, scheduling, and installation was top notch. The circuits in my house were a bit of a puzzle and they...

Truly Professional

A truly professional business that installed a new SPAN panel and whole home surge protection in my home. They arrived on time, got busy and were finished on time. They kept me up to speed on what was going on and they explained everything to me. I heartily recommend...

Very Prompt

Mr. Agundes (and his crew) are very prompt and responsive; they also are solid advocates for the homeowner when it comes to navigating complex situations with manufacturers, supply chain, City inspectors, electric delivery company representatives, and other concerned...

Always Professional

William and his team are always professional and easy to work with. I was thankful for the education he's given me on every call. I trust them and highly recommend them.

Amazing Job!

I live in Austin and had at least 3 other companies come and refuse to do my project due to its complexity (merging two panels into a single one and use SPAN.io as the main panel). These folks have done an amazing and quality job to merge the two panels, and everyone...

Ryan M.

San Antonio, TX

“William is simply the best. My wife and I have been undertaking a remodel that has taken a year and a half to complete and we have had many highs and lows. But out of the highs one stands out, and that was William. He is professional, courteous, respectful, fair, and fun to boot. He rewired our entire house and did an amazing job. Our jobsite is a couple hours away from where William lives but he was willing to drive several hours to and from to honor a small warranty issue (a small breaker was a lemon, nothing related to workmanship) and did so with a smile. To this day I can call him up if I need to troubleshoot something and he remembers exactly how he wired my entire house from memory and is always willing to walk me through anything. Again, simply the best. Though we probably won’t go through such an extensive remodel ever again, if we do, the first person we are calling is William.”

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Licensed & insured- TECL 31161.
The goal each and every day is for our technicians to go home to their families safe and sound. The electrical field can be hazardous. But rest assured, our techs are safe workers, wearing the proper PPE when necessary and keeping our clients free from harm.

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You will know the price up front and in writing before we begin the electrical repair or installation. If we do not get your approval to add or change something while on-site that will cost you more money, we will pay for it.

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Courteous and respectful electricians. Our promise is to be polite, clean, dependable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. We provide worry free and quality work that you can rely on for years to come.

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