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Family-Owned & Operated

Established in Texas, family owned and operated since 2015 with electrical experience since 2005. We are extremely passionate about the work that we do. Electrification is Our Specialty! SPAN- Smart Electrical panel, EV Chargers, Solar & Storage. EPX is the Leading installer for SPAN in Texas. You can depend on us to provide a high-quality service at a fair and honest price. Our aim is to educate, not up-sell. We understand that the future of our business depends upon our reputation and that is why client relations is by far our highest priority. We are not looking for a transaction, we’re looking for long-term business relationships. You can trust us in your home or business!

Virtual Consulting

Are you a DIY kind of person or a property flipper? Do you have electrical questions but don’t know who to connect with? Look no further. You can schedule a virtual consultation with one of our technicians that will gladly answer any questions you might have.


William Agundes - Owner
Owner | Founder – William Agundes

Electrical Service Guarantees

Safety Guarantee

Licensed & insured- TECL 31161.
The goal each and every day is for our technicians to go home to their families safe and sound. The electrical field can be hazardous. But rest assured, our techs are safe workers, wearing the proper PPE when necessary and keeping our clients free from harm.

Professionalism Guarantee

Courteous and respectful electricians. Our promise is to be polite, clean, dependable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. We provide worry free and quality work that you can rely on for years to come.

Transparent Pricing Guarantee

You will know the price up front and in writing before we begin the electrical repair or installation. If we do not get your approval to add or change something while on-site that will cost you more money, we will pay for it.

Price Match Guarantee

We know you can choose hundreds of other electricians. But if they beat our price, if they are licensed and insured and show proof of their estimate, we will gladly match their price.

Square D QO electrical panel

Client Testimonial

Ryan M.

San Antonio, TX

“William is simply the best. My wife and I have been undertaking a remodel that has taken a year and a half to complete and we have had many highs and lows. But out of the highs one stands out, and that was William. He is professional, courteous, respectful, fair, and fun to boot. He rewired our entire house and did an amazing job. Our jobsite is a couple hours away from where William lives but he was willing to drive several hours to and from to honor a small warranty issue (a small breaker was a lemon, nothing related to workmanship) and did so with a smile. To this day I can call him up if I need to troubleshoot something and he remembers exactly how he wired my entire house from memory and is always willing to walk me through anything. Again, simply the best. Though we probably won't go through such an extensive remodel ever again, if we do, the first person we are calling is William.”

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